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10 Mar 2021


If you're anything like me, life gets busy at times.  We have tried to feed only raw, but sometimes we just can't pull it off.  So I thought I would share a new holistic dog food that a fellow breeder friend introduced me to. I have used Muenster Milling dog food for the last few months. I have to tell you that I have been very happy with the results. I've tried many of the high end dog food and the only food I was ever truly happy with, either discontinued their product or changed their recipes. 

Muenster Milling is a small family owned company that only uses the finest ingredients available. They are based out of Texas and make small fresh batches, which means their food is not sitting on shelves for long periods of time.  This company has NEVER had any recalls. Which is super important to me.  

Muester Milling Website

Visit our affiliate link above and use promo code CHRISTY55 or CHRISTY35 for up to $100 off your 1st order.

11 Jan 2018

The Best Meat Grinder For Feeding Raw!

If your like me, you want to feed your dogs raw, but your scared for your baby to chew on a raw chicken bone and choke on it.    I put off feeding raw... know, the worst could and most likely would happen to me.  So...I set out to find that perfect meat grinder for my meat grinding duties.   One that would withstand the test of time, and last forever!  I wanted one that was built to last and would grind those chicken bones like a champ.

I did my research, looked at all the reviews on every meat grinder imaginable.  When I was finished it came down to 2 models made by different companies.  One was the Cabela's Carnivore Commercial-Grade 1.75hp Grinder and the Weston Pro Series Electric Meat Grinders  #32.  Both were very comparable in price and the quality looked comparable as well.   I chose to go with the Weston 32 Model.  And here is why:

  • Precision engineered steel gears for quiet performance & rugged durability
  • Permanently lubricated, air cooled motor (120 volt, 60 Hz) runs smooth for a lifetime of use
  • Two Year Limited Warranty (as of April 25th, 2014)
  • Disassembles for easy cleanup
  • Non-slip rubber feet for added stability
  • Sturdy handle for carrying & transportation
  • Reverse function on #22 & #32 models
  • Tray guard helps keep your hands safe
  • #32 warrantied for grinding raw pet food
  • Offset Head Design (patent pending) promotes high speeds
  • Capable of grinding 12-18 pounds in 1 minute.
  • Great reviews everywhere I looked!

The best part is  the components fit right in the dishwasher, so clean up is easy and fast.   So far it has served it purpose well and I could not be happier with the way it grinds the chicken and turkey bone with such ease.  I would definitely buy this grinder again.

5 Jan 2018

My Dog Health Maintenance and Medicine Cabinet.

Let’s face it, going to the vet for every little thing can get very expensive.  There was a time where I was barely able to pay my bills and the thought of having to take my dogs to the vet and pay a vet bill put a lot of stress on me.  At that time, I started doing a lot of research on how I could treat minor issues at home.  Don’t get me wrong, you will have a situation arise that will warrant a visit to your favorite veterinarian, but some small issues can be treated at home.  Here is a partial list of what I use at home.

Bee Propolis is a product that I always keep on hand. I have  been using this product for 12 years as an infection preventative.  Bee Propolis is a natural antibiotic from the resinous material that bees use to seal small cracks and gaps in the hive (beeswax seals the larger gaps). It’s made when bees collect resin from trees and other sources and mix it with a little bit of honey.   I give it to my dogs if they get an open wound to prevent infection, an immune booster when I know that sickness is going around or when I am traveling.  A visit to your vet is always necessary if your dog is running a temperature of 103 F and over.

Vetericyn is my go to for anything that has to do with the skin. I use it for open wounds, abrasions, fungal, and mild skin irritations.  This stuff is amazing and usually clears up most skin issues within a couple of days. If a condition persists despite the use of vetericyn, you need a visit to your vet.

White Vinegar is a what I use as a ear cleaning solution.  I mix 50/50 with distilled water and use it as a ear cleaner.  It kills the yeast in the ears and prevents yeast from growing if you use it weekly or bi-weekly.  It a nice cheap alternative to those expensive ear cleaners and does a better job in my opinion.

Canned Pumpkin (do not use pumpkin pie filling) eliminates the need to wipe doggy butts and cuts back the need for anal gland expression.  I add about a tablespoon a day to their food and my dogs absolutely love it!!

Lavender Essential Oil can be used for many things. I keep this oil on hand at all times.  I will dab a couple of drops on a cotton ball and insert it in the ear canal  if my dog is showing signs of  an ear infection.   The infection is usually gone overnight.  I also rub a couple of drops on the feet as a a calming oil when my dogs seem anxious.  Skin redness, itchy skin, infection,  or irritation can also benefit from  a couple of drops of Lavender.  Never put the oil near the eyes and nose of your dog, their noses are very sensitive to smells. I personally use DoTerra essential oils because I know that they work.

Lemon oil or lemon juice is something that I like to keep on hand for those times (god forbid that it should ever happen) when your dog is overheating and the airway is being closed off.  A couple of drops in the mouth as close to the throat as you can drop into will open the air passage.  A good indication when to use it is when your dog seems to be having difficulty breathing and the tongue and gums are turning blue. I have only had to do this once and thank god I had the oil on hand.

Green Tea bags are not just for making tea!  It is great for drawing out infection.  I place a couple of  wet tea bags on the infected area and you can literally see the bags draw the infection out. I also recommend that you consult with your vet if your dog is exhibiting signs of infection.    

A good nail clipper is essential for healthy feet.  I trim my dogs nails every week and sometimes every other week, depending on my busy schedule.  Some people swear by using a dremel for trimming nails, I haven’t used a dremel yet.   I  wrote a whole post on the importance of trimming your dogs nails so I won’t go into detail here, I’ll keep it simple.  

For eye irritation, I use Vetericyn Plus All Animal Antimicrobial Ophthalmic Gel .  I use only when eyes are red or/and have a discharge.  Eyes are not something that you should not wait to see your veterinarian for, if symptoms do not clear up in a couple of days or if you see an ulcer or blood in the eyes, get into see your veterinarian.

These are only tips, it is still important to seek professional advice when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our precious animals.

22 Dec 2017
Picture does not belong to Mac’s Finest, only used as an example.
Picture does not belong to Mac’s Finest, only used as an example.

The Importance of Short Nails

One of my biggest pet peeves is over grown nails on dogs! Long, unkempt nails not only look unattractive, but over time they can do serious damage to your dog (not to mention your floors). When nails are so long that they constantly touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain for the dog (imagine wearing a too-tight shoe) and pressure on the toe joint. Long term, this can actually realign the joints of the foreleg and make the foot looked flattened and splayed.  We trim our dogs nails every two weeks to keep them nice and short. 

My favorite nail clippers I use for the dogs are the Miller Forge dog nail clipper.  These clippers are nice and strong (sharp).  They slice right through the toughest nails, making nail trimming easy and quick. Another product that I keep on hand is Remedy Ready Styptic Powder to stop bleeding just in case the nail does get cut to short.  Both of these products can be purchased on Amazon with free shipping to your door (on qualified orders).  If you are afraid or unable to trim your pets nails, you can take them to any groomer or your vet for a nail trim for a small fee.   Keeping  a dog’s nails short and sweet should be a top priority for all dog owners!

16 Dec 2017

 Avoid being scammed! 

There are a lot of puppy scammers targeting innocent people who are trying to buy a puppy of their dreams.  Scammers will often offer a nice puppy at an incredible discounted price.  They will sometimes even offer to ship it for free, or they will have a shipping company but will not give you the name of the company. This is a huge red flag!  

Another red flag is scammers will want you to put a deposit on said puppy and make it sound like its an emergency that you send a deposit right away.  They will also only accept payments that you can not trace, like sending a payment Western Union, or payment in the form of gift cards.  Reputable breeders will give you bank account info to physically make a deposit into their account or accept a wire from your bank to theirs. Other methods of payments they will often accept is Walmart to Walmart, Western Union, or Facebook Pay. Breeders are moving away from personal checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, Paypal and credit cards for the reasons that scammers have used these to scam breeders out of a puppy.  

Breeders are also moving away from having potential buyers visiting their homes. You may have seen in the news lately a lot of breeders being robbed or murdered for their puppies.  Breeders will be willing to meet a potential buyer at their Veterinary Office, police station, or a very public place.  Scammers will only give you the option of shipping a puppy, which is another red flag.

Here are some steps to take to avoid being a victim to scammers.

  1. Ask to FaceTime to see the puppy.
  2. Ask for past puppy buyers references with a phone number you can all.
  3. Ask the name of the Vet they use.  Then google the name for a phone number and location of Vet.  Make a phone call to see if they are a client.
  4. Ask to meet them ( if they are close enough to you).
  5. Ask if they have a Website.  Some scammers do have a website, but the majority of scammers do not.  
  6. Ask if they have a FB page page for their puppies. Look at the reviews past puppy buyers have left.  
  7. Are they requiring a contract?  Reputable breeders will require a signed contract. 
  8. Take some time and research the breeder before sending a deposit.  This will protect you!

Remember, scams succeed because they look like the real thing and catch you off guard when you’re not expecting it. If it looks to good to be true, it most likely is.