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Mac's Finest  Bulldogs

Mac's Finest  Bulldogs


Available Puppies

2021 Breedings

We have a couple of breedings planned for 2021!  

Mac's Finest Carrera X Mac's Finest Otis

1st pick Female-Mac's Finest Bulldogs

2nd pick Female-Amber F.

3rd pick female-Diane B.

1st pick Male-Mac's Finest Bulldogs

2nd pick Male-Diane B.

3rd pick Male-OPEN

Mac's Finest Tattie X Chasteen's Griffin

(pictures to come soon)

Tattie's DNA  D/d E/e ay/ay kbr/ky

Griffin's DNA b/b D/d E/e ay/at ky/ky

Griffin is an amazing quality chocolate fawn quad carrier that is imported from Modernbullz in the UK.  He has short thick legs with great substance, and a beautiful heavily wrinkled head.  He has a wonderful sweet disposition.  He will compliment our female Tattie.  Tattie is the daughter of our own Pratie(retired) and Moto breeding.

1st pick Female-Mac's Finest Bulldogs

2nd pick Female-OPEN

3rd pick female-OPEN

1st pick Male-Mac's Finest Bulldogs

2nd pick Male-OPEN

3rd pick Male-OPEN

Pets with Spay/neuter contract $3500

Breeding Rights $5000-$6000

We are requiring a $500 deposit to hold 2nd pick male and female positions.  We will accept deposits for 3rd and 4th pick after pups are born.

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Our Prices

Since we don't like any surprises and you probably don't either, here is a break down of what we charge:

Our prices are based on structure, pedigree, color (including color carriers) and over all quality of each individual puppy.

Standard colors include:

Fawn, red fawn, sables, black brindle, reverse brindle, cream, brindle and white, and pied with any of the listed colors (for prices see Rare colors as most all our standards will carry rare DNA).

Rare colors include:

Blue brindle, blue fawn, blue sable, solid blue, chocolate, chocolate fawn, chocolate brindle, chocolate sable, solid chocolate, solid black, seal, and pied in any of the above listed colors.

*Pet Prices (limited registration) start at $3,500 and up.

*Full Registration prices for our Standards and blues start at $5,000 and up.
*Full Registration prices for our chocolates start at $6,000 and up.
(This price includes STANDARD colored pups who carry rare color DNA)

Very Rare colors include: 

Lilac , lilac sable, lilac fawn, lilac cream,  lilac and tan, solid lilac, black and tan, blue and tan, blue cream, chocolate and tan, chocolate cream.

​*Pet Prices (limited registration) for our very rare colors start at $3,500 and up. 

*Full Registration prices for these colors starts at $7,000 and up.
​(This price includes our Rare colors who are triple and quad carriers)

Contract & One Year ​Limited Health Guarantee Included (please read our French Bulldog Contract).  



We reserve the right to first choice on all litters.

A $500 Holding fee will be accepted on 1st and 2nd pick male and female unborn puppies to hold your pick of that litter. Once pups are born we will open up positions for 3rd or 4th pick.  If we can not fulfill your choice of pup, you have the option to move it to another breeding (positions made not be guaranteed if moved to another litter).

We will choose our pick(s) between 4-6 weeks of age. 

We require a non-refundable holding fee of $500 to hold your pick for puppies that are priced up to $10,000. 

We require a non-refundable holding fee of $2,000 to hold your pick for puppies that are priced over $10,000. 

The holding fee must be received within 24 hours from the time a pup is requested to be reserved or the pup will be available to the next buyer in line.  

Puppy Questionnaire and Contract must be signed and emailed or mailed back to us before any holding fee will be taken on any puppy (click on Puppy Questionnaire for the link).

We accept  the following payments for the holding fee: Zelle, Western Union, bank transfer, Facebook Pay, or payment through 

The remaining balance is due in full by 8 weeks of age OR at the time of pickup/delivery.

Shipping fees (if needed) are due at least 10 days prior to leaving. Hand delivery of your pup to most U.S. locations in the lower 48 states will be an estimated $400-$500 (fees depend on flight prices and can change). For Hawaii, Alaska or locations outside of the U.S. we will need to contact our puppy nanny for a price quote.  Due to COVID-19, there may be additional fees.