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Why Do French Bulldogs Cost So Much?

 Why do French Bulldogs cost so much?   I get asked this question a lot, so I decided that this question needs to be addressed so that it could provide a little insight on why these fun, loving, little bundles of joy have such a hefty price tag.

First,  you need a good breeding pair. Most likely you will buy as a puppy and will have spent tons of time doing research on dogs in pedigrees, their temperaments, and what do parents, grand parents, and great grand parents look like. Then you have to wait until breeding age, and if they are not good breeding quality you can kiss that money good bye and do it all over again.  A GOOD breeder WILL NOT breed just any thing!

A puppy you buy for a future breeder can run $4000 to $10,000 (depending on quality and color).

AKC REG for each individual dog. $50.00 and up.

(License and Taxes Vary Depending on state).

If your dog fits your vision then you health and genetically test, which is more money that you have to spend on tests ($130 to $800 average per dog). If they pass and you decide to breed then you have more costs to consider.  Frenchies are a "man made " breed, so they require a little help.  They are a very fragile breed to whelp and many things can and will go wrong.

Time for Breeding

Progesterone testing in my area runs $160.00 per test, times that by how many you may need (average is 6 tests) to get the timing just right.

If you are using an outside stud $1000 to $5000.00 and up depending on the stud your using.

Semen testing is $50.00 and up.

(depending on how many tests)

Shipping the semen each time $130.00 + shipping boxes at $50 each.

Repro physicals with TCI/AI/SI can run as much as $700.00 and up-each time. This is done with a Repo specialist and the closest one to us is a 3 hour drive one way.

Special Food for the next 63 days $100.00 and up

Ultra sound and vet check up $55.00 and up

X-ray Sound and Vet check up $85.00 and up

Did she get pregnant and re-absorbed the babies? Or did not take at all? If so that's a huge bummer!  Your out all that money and you won’t  get any refunds.

But what if she is pregnant?  Now you have even more costs a head you, because your not done yet.

C-Section time!  An estimated cost is around $600-$3800 depending on area and if its an emergency or not (most require c-sections, but there are some females that are exceptions). 

Special Equipment- ovulation detector, microscope, oxygen concentrator, incubators, heating pads, fans, and  scale can run $2000.00 and up. 

Puppy supplies for 8 weeks $1000-$3000 for raising litters- puppy pads, whelping areas, fences, wipes, gates, flooring, AstroTurf, wood litter box pellets, litter boxes, cleaning supplies, paper towels, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, odo-ban, bleach, vinegar, baking soda, and Clorox wipes. Things that constantly need to be replaced- bottles, nipples, syringes, needles, crates, crate pans, bowls, toys, creams, ointments, leashes, harnesses, blankets, nutri-cal, calsorb, colostrum, supplements, milk replacer, IV fluids, beds, towels, pools, and laundry detergent. 

If the breeder tests for color then $150.00 and up for color DNA testing (that's just for one pup). 

If the breeder microchips, which we do microchipping for free and thats an added cost of $300 for 25 microchips!

We are with mom and puppies for 24/7 for 2-3 weeks to make sure all is well.  That requires us to take time off of work (use our vacation time). Our time is invaluable, missed holidays, birthdays, games, outings, and rearranging life; that is valuable time and we use it to care for puppies. However, if you go off your states minimum wage multiplied by 18 hours a day sometimes 24 depending if they need intensive care that gives you what the IRS views your time is worth.

Average in non breeding vet bills can run as much as $5000.00. This includes, but not limited to, vaccines, meds/antibiotics, treatments, flea, tick, heart worm prevention, well puppy check ups, and fecal floats.

We feed the best food and supplements that we can find, which can run $4000.00 (average) and up per year.

If the breeder shows that is another added expense of up to $10,000.00 to title a dog, which I won’t go into right now.

Most of the things listed are not a one time expense. These are monthly/yearly/per litter/per dog expenses.

Once you have a French Bulldog you will always want a French Bulldog,  they are truly the most amazing companions .  "To know one is to love ❤️ one".