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Mac's FinestĀ  Bulldogs

Mac's FinestĀ  Bulldogs



Mac's Finest Solar Eclipse aka Luna

DOB: May 9, 2017
NCL Clear by parentage 

ICH Normal by parentage

Penn Hip-Pending

Luna is our keeper female out of Dual CH Mazzy and Mojo's Semper Fi aka Recon breeding.  Luna is the grand-daughter of our foundation female UKC Mac's Mosa of SIAB and our foundation male Mac's Angus of RCK.  She is a beautiful female with her mothers sweet disposition.  We are hoping to start showing her in the confirmation ring in 2018. 

Mac's Finest Mazzy Star

Best in Breed Winner

DOB: May 23, 2014

NCL Clear by parentage
ICH Normal
Penn Hip-L-.38, R-.37 No Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). 

Mazzy was produced by us out of our repeat Mosa X Angus litter.  She is an awesome dog, we take her everywhere and she does well around a lot of people.  In fact, we are thinking that she would make a great service dog.  Her temperament is mellow, yet she can be drivey and has the ability to turn it right off.  She has massive bone like her dad and the sweetest disposition.   She has been doing very well in the show ring.  Big things coming for this girl in the future!  PEDIGREE

Mac's Finest Koya of Garcia Bros. RETIRED

DOB: April 17, 2013

ICH Normal
NCL Normal
Penn Hip-L-.30, R-.33 No Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). 
DNA Profiled

Koya is a sweet girl that loves to be with her family.  She is a smaller female with excellent muscle and endurance.  We have decided not to show her due to her eye color.   PEDIGREE

UKC CH. Mac's Mosa of Simply Incred-a-bull

DOB-September 14, 2010

NCL clear

Mosa is a great family dog, she is an excellent breather, endurance and stamina that can go all day, and a natural protector of her home.  She loves her boys and family.  She is a dominant female but gets a long with most dogs. Mosa is now retired and very spoiled!  PEDIGREE

ABRA CH. Mac's Finest Keera of Simply Incred-a-bull, CGC

DOB: May 27, 2011- February 26, 2014  RIP

Although Keera was with us for just a short time, she made a huge impact on our lives.  She became an ABRA Champion in just 2 shows and was a natural in the ring. She also earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. She was so quick to learn and eager to please.  She will be forever missed by our family.

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